Friday, October 10, 2008

Fantasy Hangover

Pirate fest was a blast. (Don't worry pics will be posted soon). I went with some friends as part of a bachelorette party--and let me just say--you've never done a bachelorette party until you've done one around pirates. I don't know why pirates get such a bad rap, they were more than hospitable. *wink*

Piratefest was held in Rotary Park in Lake St. Louis. We pulled into a grassy field full of vehicles, turned off the car, and more or less looked at each other like--"Now What?" as there was no festival to be seen. It didn't take long before we spotted our first breech-wearing hooligan, and we promptly followed him along a dirt path winding into a line of trees. (Please note that I do not make it a habit to follow strange men into the woods on a regular basis.)

Pretty soon the woods opened up and gave way to a makeshift village. Being completely surrounded by trees, it was easy to succumb to the illusion that you were really in a different era. Saying that it was amazing simply does not give it the justice that it deserves.

While I was there I got to try my first glass of mead. (What's piratefest without mead?) The end result: I now have a new favorite drink.

A few weeks later (last weekend) I found myself at ARCHON--A St. Louis Sci-Fi Fantasy convention. Though the surroundings were nothing more than a bland convention hall, still, being surrounded by characters from my favorite Fantasy shows, books, and comics gave me that trip away from reality.

Now I'm back at my day job. My brain vacation is over. *sigh* However, it did provide me with the ispiration I needed to finish my outline for my new manuscript. I'm very excited, and will spill more on my idea as days come to pass.

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