Monday, November 24, 2008

A season of Thanksgiving!

What a turnaround. The beginning of this year I was faced with one of the most difficult decisions of my life: Close a business I loved and built from the ground up. *OR* Lose my house and die of starvation. *Cue the Jeopardy music!*

What a difference a year makes.

Just a few of the things I have to be thankful for:

1. The Greater St. Louis Area (my home) has the cheapest gas prices in the entire country. Yesterday I filled up for $22.30. Woot!
2. The Greater St. Louis Area was 2006’s most violent city, and yet, I have never had to tazer anyone. (Which is a good thing considering I don’t own a tazer, but I do have a flash drive on my key ring that everyone mistakes for pepper-spray.) A girl in my office – not so lucky – has had to tazer people on two separate occasions.
3. The Greater St. Louis Area is only the country’s second most violent city in 2008. Sucks to be you, Detroit!
4. Even though it is way too easy to take him out, my husband enjoys a good pillow fight almost as much as I do.
5. Peppermint mocha lattes.
6. Even though I try and drive out of my driveway with the parking brake on almost everyday, the parking brake still works.
7. LOL cats – I don’t know how I made it this far in life without them.

Okay, okay – seriously now!

1. The best family anyone could hope to have.
2. The support of my husband. It ain’t easy to love a writer, and he’s never complained once when I disappear to go write or I’ve kept him up half the night with my jabbering because I can’t shut my brain off.
3. The support of my friends. My cup overfloweth. I have truly been blessed to have some of the most intelligent, generous, funny people in my life – and some of them I’ve never met face-to-face!
4. Accepting representation from Chris Richman, who is not only super enthusiastic, but hilarious to boot.
5. To be able to make my house and car payment in this crappy economy and still have a itsy-bitsy-teeny-tiny-need the Hubble telescope just to see it-left over
6. To be warm in the winter and cool in the summer, To never be hungry (well, I’m hypoglycemic and always hungry – but that’s not the point), and I am never alone (seriously, not even in the bathroom – I have cats).

I truly believe that a door doesn’t close before another is cracked open. You just have to wedge your way through before it slams on your foot.


  1. This is an awesome post! I loved both of your lists. Thanks for the laughs. :)


  2. Awesome lists! I love reflecting on all things Thankful.