Monday, May 11, 2009

When you run into the wall the coyote painted a path on...

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I am the Queen of setbacks. This latest one was a real doozy. There I was, last Thursday, making real progress on my revisions, catching up on my Crit Group critiques, starting back up at the gym, and spending quality time with my daughter. *cue ominous music*
Thursday night: Sore throat and stuffy nose
Friday morning: Fever
I manage to get an appointment with my doctor and the after he checks me out he asks, "You haven't been on any recent trips to Mexico, have you?"
So it wasn't that bad, but I did catch a nasty virus, one that I'm still fighting today. Luckily, my fever was only at 99.5 today, but let me tell you, I haven't moved from my bed in four days. That's four days of the house going to heck. Four days of ignoring my revisions. Four days of crits piling in my inbox. And, worst of all, four days of having my little angel make the "tremble lip" face at me from the bottom of my bed as she doesn't understand why mommy can't go outside and play with her. And I don't know that tomorrow will be any different.
It's enough to make me want to quit. But I won't. Why, you ask? Well, it's not because I'm not a quitter. I quit lots of things - and am proud of it. I quit selling Avon when I starting buying more lip gloss than I sold. I quit the basketball team in junior high when all the other girls suddenly shot up and I stayed my current 5'1" self. And I quit washing my clothes in Tide when I broke out in hives.
But there are things that I won't quit. Ever. I won't quit being the best mother I can be. I won't quit writing and participating in critique groups. I won't quit dog training and participating in agility trails. And I won't quit perusing the Delia's catalogs that come by mail, even though I'm *cough* almost thirty. Why? Because these are the things that make me who I am. I can no sooner quit them, then quit being Cole.
So, hurdles, while I find you incredibly annoying, I'll still jump over you to get to the things that matter.
So I ask you, patient readers, what are the things that matter to you? The things that you could never quit?

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  1. ummm, I don't know :D I'm sure I could find a reason to quit just about anything LOL although, I don't think I'll ever quit writing and trying to get published. I might go on a really long, like years long, hiatus...but I'll always come back. Just not something I can stop doing. I won't quit trying to be a better, more patient mom. And I'm sure no matter how many diets I quit, I will never quit starting a new one :D