Monday, August 3, 2009

I love my job!

Seriously. How can I not when research is so fun?

Yesterday, the ladies of my real-life crit group and I ventured to the local shooting range to learn all about guns. Currently, I don't have a book where guns are in play but the sequel to KATANA does, so I couldn't miss the opportunity. And while I was at the range I came up with a fabulous idea for a gun-slinging erotica book. It involves guns...big ones. LOL. Don't you dare steal my idea, Shawntelle! Hee.

Here's Jesse, our fabulous instructor. He taught us the basics and kept us safe.

We got to play with an array of guns from a rifle to a 45. Here's Shawtelle and Sarah with the shot gun. (Look at the guy behind Sarah - I don't know what he's holding but it looks scary as hell!)

I didn't get any pictures of me because I'm taking the photos, but here's Shawntelle and Sarah with the gun Jesse lovingly refers to as "Verna". Both Shawntelle and Sarah had red welts on their shoulders from dancing with her.

Next, we moved on to handguns. Let me just say that I'm amazed that anyone can kill anybody with those things. I was WAY off target. The 45 had a lot of umph - more than the rifle - which I wasn't expecting. I felt the recoil firsthand *shiver* and it was guuuuuuuuuud.

And lastly, here I am in the middle. What a fun informative day!


  1. Oh, that was fun and there will be photos of you with firearms on my blog as soon as they are loaded onto the computer (tonight).

    Gun-slinging erotica, huh? Can't wait to critique that piece!

  2. Research is awesome -- and tax-deductible!

  3. LOL okay, you have way too much fun researching. That is the way to do it!!! Awesome pics :D

  4. LOL...nothing like that kind of power, right...

  5. Man, that looks! Great time to be had with friends, at the least.

  6. An erotica piece with big guns?

    Am I the only person snickering about that?

    I'm with you on the kickback of the 45. My father-in-law is a gunsmith and has an entire arsenal. I'd never touched a gun in my life until my husband took me to the shooting range during our first year of marriage. The 45 was the first gun I shot. Needless to say, I couldn't (and didn't) hit the broadside of a barn with that sucker.

    That's definitely my kind of research.