Sunday, September 20, 2009

It's blog chaing time again! Why you do what you do...

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This blog chain topic was brought to you by the lovely Michelle who asked,

"Do you choose WHAT you do because of WHO you are? Or is who you are determined by what you do?"

Check out the stupendous Shaun who answered before me and the tantalizing Rebecca who will answer tomorrow.

I can go both ways with this question. The desire to create is as powerful to me as my desire to eat, sleep, and breathe. If I wasn't writing, sewing, or quilting - well - I'd probably find myself in a nice padded room.

I'm sure most of you can relate. I often joke about the voices that whisper stories inside my head. To a non-writer, this is a sure sign that I need to up my medication. But for those of you who have chosen to follow the most heart breaking, rewarding, frustrating, and euphoric paths there is, you know that you didn't really choose to take it at all. You know that where your muse travels you must follow. And if you're like me, you ran down that dark scary path, stumbled a few times, and continue on - refusing to look back.

I can say that following my creative path has allowed me to do some fun things with my appearance that I wouldn't have been able to do were I still serving my time in a cubicle.
Three words: Teal Hair Dye


  1. Love the quote at the beginning...nice. And yep - the muse is a powerful thing.

  2. Lol, that hair dye is awesome stuff. And like Chrisitine, I love that quote at the beginning, too.

  3. what they said :D LOVE your hair :D And muse is pretty good about dragging me around by the roots of my hair. And leaving me alone in the oddest places before taking pity and finding me again ;-D

  4. I wanted to say I love the quote at the beginning, but that seems so unoriginal now. ;)

    I also feel that this question can go both ways. Actually, I think the two parts of the question reinforce each other.

  5. Nice post. I would have to see the Teal Hair Dye finish to judge adequately, but it sounds fun.

  6. Well said Cole! I can totally agree that I feel like I'm being led down this path, and not trailblazing!

  7. Oooh, I also love that quote at the beginning! Also love that artistic license extends to your hair color;)

  8. The "up the medication" line cracked me up! It's true that only "writers" really get it. Maybe that's an answer right there?

    Great post!

    Word verification: Muserle. Muse, really?

  9. I think writing just found me. A creative outlet to vent, chat, laugh, talk and just put it out there. :O)

  10. I love this answer. You go where you heart wants you to go. It is the most painful, struggle-frought path, but it is the one that is ultimately the most rewarding.

  11. So what you're saying is:

    Writing -- it's to dye for?


  12. Whenever friends ask me for advice about writing a book, I tell them: Don't. You're right, it's like an addiction sometimes. But the fun kind. Great answer to this!