Thursday, November 12, 2009

An extension of the Drama Post - LIFE DRAMA

Okay, so I had the entire day off work yesterday. I was super stoked to crank out some major wordage and as it turns out, I didn't write a single one.


Life Drama. We received some pretty upsetting news yesterday that threw me into a major funk.

So my question to you, friends, how to you write through the Life Drama? Or do you hole up on the couch, like me, with a pint o' Hagendaz?

Please comment cuz I really wanna know! (My waist line and my WIP depend on it!)


  1. Cole, I know ALL about life drama. I'm pretty sure I've been through what you're dealing with, even though I have no details ;)

    It's so hard. My life has been STRESS CITY lately and I haven't blogged or written. I think it takes a couple of days (or whatever you need) to center yourself, get a grip on life, and then you can write. How can you submerge yourself in imagination land when your insides are twisting like snakes?

    Anything you write while under stress will just be deleted later. I'm sorry about your stress. It sucks. Real life sucks some times. Give it a day or two or three. Whatever it takes. Then sit back down at your keyboard.

  2. everything ok? For me, I call a friend and talk about it, or better yet go out for drinks:)

  3. I often find that when things in my life are spiraling out of control, writing is the one thing that calms me. It's like is the one thing that I control. It doesn't matter if I'm homeless or if the whole world is crumbling down around me, no one can take my words.

    Of course, like Mandy said, most anything I write while stressed gets tossed, but sometimes it's good therapy.

    Let me know if I can do anything to help :)

  4. Ditto what Mandy said.

    There have been some dark days when I couldn't get words on paper. I'd sit at my desk, and instead of thinking about the story, I'd be thinking about the issue.

    So you end up having conversations with yourself: How do I fix this? If I can't fix it, how do I deal with it? And what happens if...

    None of it gets you anywhere, of course. But there's no off button, so you ride it out.

    That's the curse of imagination. Not only can you plot, you can forecast a million futures, and when you're not in a good place, all of them look bleak.

    Try to remember this: fear is the most accomplished liar you'll ever meet. It whispers all sorts of things that sound true, but in time, usually turn out not to be.

    Takes time to figure that out, and it's a lesson I've had to relearn many, many times.

    Sure, the words are important. But not nearly so important as you. Take care of yourself as best you can. Do what you need to make it through whatever issue you're facing. The words will come back to you when you're ready for them.

  5. Wow, Joe, that was awesome!

    My secret?


    Go to the gym. Zone out with your i-Pod (or mp3 -- if you're a low-tech loser like me), get on the elliptical and start running.

    Don't stop until you're out of breath, until you're dripping with sweat, until the music and the motion pushes all of the other bad stuff from your head.

    If you can't afford to head to the gym, go down to the riverfront and run up and down the steps for 20 minutes. That'll do it.

    (Of course, it's best to do this on an empty stomach. So let the Hagen Daaz settle for a good hour before proceeding.)

    I guarantee it will get the desired results.

  6. I turn on Pirates of the Caribbean and lay under a blanket. Seriously, I do.

    And I didn't know you were working again... When did that happen?

  7. Man - I am the queen of RL drama. If I think I can move forward I take a run, a long shower, some down time in some way. That typically refreshes me and enables me to write.

    If I am so stuck in whatever funk that I can't move forward - I give myself permission to wallow. But I set a time limit -- the day, whatever - and I wallow.

    Then, I get back on the proverbial horse and move forward.

    Good luck!

  8. Thank you so much everyone for the wonderful words of inspiration and encouragement :) You'll never know how much I appreciate it!

    Elana - I just took on a seasonal job at the mall for a little extra $.

  9. yeah..I was wondering about that jobe, thing. Hi Cole! Long time no speak.

  10. Lisa! Hiya! I miss our weekly chats. Good to hear from ya ;)