Monday, January 25, 2010

The Tale of the Two Manly Men and the Girl Genius

Today I thought I'd delight you with a tale of peril, mystery, and triumph.

This tale is completely fictional, and even if it wasn't **wink wink nudge nudge**, the names have been changed to protect the innocent.

Once upon a time there was a beautiful charming girl by the name of Girl Genius and she was married to the delightful, yet stubborn, Manly Man.

Girl Genius was sad because she desperately wanted a new sofa sectional, for she was soon to be moving into a new castle, but didn't want to pay an arm and a leg. So she scoured the listings on Craigs List until she found the perfect couch.

The only problem was the seller demanded the couch be moved in a fortnight or there would be no deal.

So Girl Genius and Manly Man gassed up the steed (a red Chevy pickup), hooked up the trailer, and set out on their journey. The roads were icy and the journey fraught with peril, but through it all Girl Genius and Manly Man persevered. They arrived in the distant land of Jerseyville and the sofa sectional was glorious, and indeed worth the trip.

Manly Man was assisted by another man heralding from the same Manly Man tribe. Together they loaded the various pieces of the sectional into the truck bed and on the trailer.

Once the sofa was secured, Manly Man mounted his steed and tried to leave - but there was a problem. The truck was stuck in the ice.

Manly Man pressed on the gas but the tires only spun helplessly in place.

Girl Genius cleared her voice but was dismissed with a quick, "Not now, honey," from Manly Man. He then got out of the truck and shoveled gravel under the tires. This worked for a little bit, but once the truck moved over the rock it would only slide back down, sometimes further than where it started.

"I think I have an idea," Girl Genius began.

"In a minute," Manly Man answered. Then he, along with his fellow Manly Man, hooked the truck up to another truck and tried to pull it from the ice. This only resulted in two trucks spinning their tires.

By now, the engine was overheating, the heater was on full blast, and Manly Man was beginning to lose much of his good nature.

Girl Genius, while thoroughly enjoying herself, decided to help them out without taking no for an answer. She looked at Manly Man, and before he could stop her, asked, "Why don't you unhitch the trailer, it's obviously holding us back, and drive up the hill. We can physically push the trailer to the top."

The two Manly Men looked at each other and rolled their eyes, for this idea was sure to be the most foolish they'd ever heard.

Only it wasn't.

It worked.

And that was how Genius Girl saved the day.


The End.

(Man, you should have seen the faces of the two Manly Men when the truck drove right up the hill with no problems. *snicker*)


  1. Great noodle, Girl Genius! I'm sure Manly Man appreciates you, er...her.

  2. Were those Manly Men by chance imbibing mead? Sure, that's why they didn't immediately take your...her suggestion.

    Rule of thumb: Always blame it on alcohol.

    Great story :)

  3. lol! Classic heroine! And so true to life. *grin*

  4. In the battle of brains versus braun, always bet on the brains.

  5. HAHAHAHA! Awesome story!

    Girl Genius needs a cape, methinks.

  6. I read on Elana Johnson's blog that your first chat with your agent happened in the parking lot of a donut shop.

    I, too, pulled into one (in Oregon) a few months ago and chatted it up with an editor.

    Oh, the juju of a buttermilk bar!