Friday, May 28, 2010

End of Week ReCap

Wow. I have to say, the response to my X-Men post was amazing! I had no idea so many of you were into comics. No wonder I like y'all so much :D If that's the case, I'm considering a weekly comic post. One where I spotlight a superhero and tie it into writing. Sound good? If not, speak now or forever hold your peace.

Second, I'm feeling really lousy right now because I'm a thief. The hubs bought me a gift card for a manicure for Mother's Day. Today I went to the salon to redeem the card. When I got there, I picked out a bottle of black nail polish (I always pick black - hee) and brought it to the woman. She set it down next to a bunch of other colors, later picking it up and asking, "This your color?"

I said, "Yes," because it was the color I picked out.

Later, when my nails were done drying, I was trying to get my keys out of my purse without sticking my hands in (my nails were still wet) when one of the guys asks if he can help me. I say, "sure". But before I hand over my purse, I notice that the black nail polish was inside of it. The girl must have put it in there thinking that I brought it from home when I said it was mine.

Anyway, I panicked. The right thing to do would have been to say, "Oops, looks like we had a miscommunication." But I freaked, thinking the guy would assume that I stole the polish and only fessed to it because he was going to root inside my purse. So I tilted my purse at a funky angle which buried the polish beneath all the junk I keep inside it, and miraculously, positioning my keys right on top.

Now, I'm totally going to bring the polish back later today - then they have to realize it was an accident - I'm hoping - but I can't help but feel like a jerk.

So, to make myself feel better, I finally framed and put out my James Marster's photo. Ahhhh, the swoonage is working all ready.

I'm also wondering - does this kind of thing only happen to me? Has anyone else ever committed a crime unintended?

Anyway, whether you're a hero or a super-villian, have a great Memorial Day Weekend!!!


  1. I've definitely taken things home I didn't buy (like something that fell under my purse on the grocery cart) and then have to go back and pay for it. And then people look at me funny, like "Why did you bother?"

  2. Oh I can so understand. And, mmmm, James Masters... I hope he can make you feel better.

  3. Great Blog by the way...this has so happened to me. I've gotten all the way out of the store and found something that one of my kids has shoved under my purse. So I do the walk of shame and have to checkers look at me like yea right!

  4. I walked out of Walmart one day with a box of diapers under the shopping cart. I have no idea how I missed it. I have no idea why the alarm didn't go off. But I did drag the kids back into the store so I could pay for it.

  5. My son threw a bottle of face moisturizer in my purse, and when I got to my car to dig out my keys, I found it! I went back in and bought it, but I was mortified that it had one of those sensor strips on it.

    I kept thinking, what if it set off the alarm and they scanned it with their wand thingy and it led to my purse! They never would have believed me, and I would have been arrested for shoplifting! So yeah, I totally get where you're coming from. Great post. :D