Saturday, August 7, 2010

Cats: They Have Sharp Parts

If you're not following the blog Hyperbole and a Half, you're really missing out. This girl has more comedic genious in her little finger than I have all together. I'm so so SO very jealous of her amazing talent.

Anyway, it may not have much to do with writing, but her blog is always good for a laugh. Seriously, her post about the goose breaking into her house had me in tears. TEARS, people!

Here's her most recent post:


  1. I just found her website over the weekend. I am now totally in love!!! I think I almost wet myself at her Dog post earlier in July. :)

  2. You MUST read the one about the goose. The spider post is hilarious as well :)

  3. I find this strangely hilarious. Thanks Cole.

  4. I will have to check her out.... :) I hope you are having a good week.