Monday, March 7, 2011

Blog Chain Post: Hurry Up and Wait!

This round on the blog chain was started by my crit-partner and friend, Sarah Bromley. She asks:

What has been the most unexpected part of your writing journey up to this point? What has happened that you could never have predicted? Has it been a help or a hindrance?

funny pictures-wonts... wonts... wonts ... So many things.

But if I had to list just one thing, the most UNEXPECTED thing, it would be this:

I finished the first draft of KATANA in 2007.

KATANA will hit the shelves in 2012.

Crazy, right?

When I first began writing, I had no idea how much time, sweat, blood, and tears I would shed seeking out publication. I had no idea I would spend two years and over two hundred rejections querying until I found an agent.

I hadn't a clue it would take another year and another dozen or so rejections before I had a publisher. And, even then, it would take another two years before my book appears in a book store.

Is a five year wait from finished novel to publication typical. No. You could wait longer. Or not as long. The only constant in publishing is that there is no constant in publishing.

My agent once told me that the motto of publishing biz is, "Hurry up and wait!" And I get asked all the time how I survived the process. I wish I had some secret waiting technique that I could share. Or that I was some master of zen. My only real answer is that I'm insanely stubborn.


For more answers, check out Kate's answer before mine and Eric's post tomorrow.

How about you? What took you by surprise?


  1. I need those words on a sticker to put on my forehead. "Hurry Up and Wait!" Great post Cole!

  2. I think being stubborn is a good trait for a writer to have! ;)

  3. It's the ninja-magik, ain't it? You got ancient Chinese secret and you can't tell us or you'd have to assassinate us in our sleep. Heh heh.

    Seriously though, I think you've done an awesome job given that you're plugging through five years of hard work. You're an inspiration, Cole.

    Hmmm, now what the heck am I going to say tomorrow?

  4. To wait so long for publication, it must have weighed so heavily on the mind. But you stuck through with it all and will be getting your just desserts next year. Yay for being stubborn! :)

  5. Hurry up and wait is also what they say on film sets, but I think the waiting in the publishing game is soooooo much worse.

  6. Hurry up and wait! Love that! I hear you on this whole thing too, and I'm super stubborn too. I think that's what gets people far.

  7. The biggest surprise for me was how much work is involved. Writing had always seemed so easy, so fun. Writing professionally is a whole different story.

  8. great post. I enjoy reading this. glad that you share this with desserts online

  9. Ugh! The waiting is the worst. It drives me to drink.

  10. And we are all so lucky you are so stubborn! Can't wait to read it...finally!

  11. Your post has given me hope, Young Grasshopper. Now I might continue on my writerly path. :-)