Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Signed FOREVER Contest Winner

So today I put all the entries in a hat, shook well, and my husband picked an entry. The winner of the signed copy of FOREVER is:


Windy, please email me at cole@colegibsen.com with your address so I can get your book off to you ASAP.

Thank you everyone for playing. And, if you didn't win, don't despair! I'll be giving away a second signed copy of FOREVER over at my other blog POTS AND PENS. I'll have the contest posted over there on Thursday. You can check it out by going here.

Thanks again for playing and I hope you'll stick around because, with my own book launching in a mere six months, I will be having a ton of giveaways coming soon!!!


  1. hoorah! hoorah! this MUST be what my FB fortune cookie was talking about when it said I'd have good luck in my personal affairs :D ... so excited! emailing you now!

  2. You're so awesome to do these giveaways, Cole! Congrats to Windy and LOL about your FB fortune cookie. That is pretty awesome.

  3. Woohoo, congrats Windy! I'm so jealous ;)