Thursday, September 1, 2011

Converting a Man's XL T-Shirt into a Sexy Dolman

Tomorrow I leave for Dragoncon!!! SQUEE! And, while I didn't have time to make my Jem costume this year (boo), I did want to dress appropriately. This means sporting my favorite comic book characters on my shirts. However, this leads to a slight problem. When it comes to comic book character shirts, there are only two kinds: A) Big baggy shirts designed for men and B) Skinny tight-fitting shirts designed for, well, girls who can wear skinny tight fitting shirts. I am not one of those girls. I have had a child, my friends. 'Nuff said.

But, just because the girls sag and the waist is padded, this doesn't mean I don't like feeling sexy. Enter the dolman shirt, God's gift to child-bearing woman. Seriously, I want to kiss whoever designed this thing. Here's my favorite one:

See what I mean? It's pretty hard to go wrong with this shirt. It hides the things that need to be hidden all the while maintaining a sexy feminine look. I wanted to see if I could do the same thing with a T-shirt. Here's what I did:

I took a men's XL T-shirt, turned it inside out, and laid it flat on my cutting table.

 Next, I laid my favorite dolman shirt on top of it, pinned the two shirts together, and used a water soluable fabric pen to trace the outline of my dolman on top of the tee.

 When I was finished with my outline, I unpinned the shirts and cut both the front and the back of the neck out of the tee by using the lines I traced from the neck of my dolman.
(Back neckline cut)

(Front neckline cut)

Next, I sewed along the lines I'd traced onto the tee.

 When I was finished sewing, I cut away the excess fabric.

Then I cut a couple inches off of the bottom of the shirt.

 And sewed a hem.

Talk about easy! A half hour later, I had my end result. 


Now I'm ready for Dragoncon!!!

Have a great Labor Day Weekend!


  1. Very impressive! I wish I could do something like that, but I'm more of a cross-stitch girl.

  2. Nice!!! You are crazy talented lady :D

  3. That is super cute. I so need to learn to sew. *sigh*

  4. What are the chances you can convert an extra large man (me) into a sexy doll man?

    Also, I'm still going to try to make Saturday night work. I can't afford to go into the paid parts of the Con, but we might just wander the lobbies taking photos.

  5. Okay, Cole. You are just too crafty! I have to try this. I'm going to hijack someone with sewing skills. TOO CUTE!!

  6. Wow! That turned out supercute! You are talented!

  7. Wow, do you take commissions? (Serious question!) I have been SO FRUSTRATED that I can't get my favorite superhero (Nightcrawler!) on a female-flattering shirt.

  8. You make sewing look simple. And gorgeous. I now want to sew. The housework will never get done. Oh, right, it wasn't getting done anyway... off to find sewing machine!
    Have a super awesome time at Dragoncon. You're getting Stan Lee's autograph right? Too Cool!

  9. Lovely! And classic shirt choice, too. ;)

  10. You are such a fucking bad ass chica. It was SO COOL to meet you. Thanks for being a woman I can use to show my daughters that they can do anything. You rock. Can't wait to read Katana!

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  12. Hello! New follower here. I love this! You should submit it to Craftgawker if you haven't already.