Sunday, January 25, 2009

Facebook's 25 things about you

I keep getting tagged by people to post a note on Facebook telling 25 unique things about me. Since it's happened so often I decided to just make it a blog and be done with it:D


1. has a cat, but isn't really sure why, or even how for that matter.

2. 's favorite pair of shoes is her beat up chucks. (A close second are my red patent-leather high heels.)

3. can shop at Hot Topic and still pull it off. (Or at least my denial tells me I can).

4. is called "Naughty Nancy" by a British Salesman who calls her at work, and his accent makes her giggle shamelessly.

5. needs Xanex to get on a plane.

6. is allergic to hair dye. (I have a fabulous stylist who spends hours foiling to save me a hospital trip.)

7. was on ESPN2 and Animal Planet for a whole 2 seconds.

8. has had as many head concusions as Troy Aikman. (Was an avid equestrian.)

9. will never wear skinny jeans. NEVER!!!

10. really likes when her man wears skinny jeans, though. Hee.

11. gets really self conscious when people tell her how "unusual" her voice is. (Not sure that is a good thing...)

12. dreams of owning sheep.

13. was once offered representation by an agent who wanted me to be a "voice actor", but turned him down because I was convinced my band was going to make it big. LOL

14. is annoyed by people who say they have "no regrets".

15. still watches SNL even though it's not as good as it was "back in the day". I keep hoping it will suprise me.

16. refuses to believe that good comedy must include vulgarity and profanity.

17. sews, quilts, and knits.

18. did NOT find the earthquake that shook St. Louis this summer amusing.

19. is a tea addict and can't live without Snow Geisha from Teavana.

20. would rather give people something to talk about, then let them come up with something to gossip about on their own.

21. overanalyzes EVERYTHING.

22. has no short-term memory.

23. desperately wants to visit Japan.

24. is horrible about calling people back.

25. is giving up commas for Lent.

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