Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Things I learned at Dragoncon

What a blast! You'd think that with all the celebrities, parties, and all around debauchery that there would be no time to learn anything at Dragoncon. Well, you'd be wrong!

I took several of Michael Stackpole's writer's workshops and was suprised by the Eureka moment that occured.

The following are two important things I learned:

1. Never read a novel without a notebook near by. Genious! Why haven't I been doing that? *face palm*

2. Never edit your WIP while it's a WIP. D'oh! Michael said that when you switch to editing mode it hinders creative mode. If you edit while you write your internal editor is going to whisper negative comments in your ear while your writing which may slow or stop your writing all together. OMG this rings so true with me. So crit groups, I'm going to be MIA for a bit. I'll let you know how it goes.

Also, I took a workshop by Michael called "How to Write a Novel in 21 Days". It was fabulous. Lucky for you guys you can go to his website and download his workshops and books for yourselves! :)

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