Monday, October 25, 2010

More Hub's Words of Wisdom

Yesterday the Hubs and I went on a night bike ride. I was in the lead with Hubs following with Bubs in the the bike trailer. Deciding the weather was starting to look bad, I darted around a corner and into an alley hoping to beat the rain home.

Behind me, Hubs yells:

"Nice move taking the alley. This is only, like, how every single horror movie on the planet begins."

This has been another edition of Hub's Words of Wisdom.

In my defense, the alley was lit (sorta) and we beat the rain home. :)


  1. *laughing* You HAVE GOT to make this a regular series of posts! LOVE IT!!!!

  2. No worries for you on the horror flick. You're the comic sidekick; they always survive.

    Now your husband, of course, should never have followed. Had I been there, I would have shouted, "NOOO! Don't go after HER! It's too risky! You're her love interest, and not a POV character, and therefore a potential source of motivation, because she'll be forced to track down the agent of your undoing! In a few years, I mean! And we'll know time has passed because she'll have cut her hair and put on glasses, and your child will have grown!"

    Yes, indeedy. I would have shouted all that.

  3. *laughs* How very Scream of him with the whole self-aware thing.

  4. LOL, but seeing as how you like horror, isn't that a good thing? You could have been IN your own horror movie.