Sunday, October 3, 2010

New Blog Chain Post: Writing my Obituary

Today I'm wrapping up a blog chain started by the lovely Shannon Morgan. She asks:

Imagine this: when you're gone, readers will remember your writing most for just one of these things: your characters, your plots, your settings, or your style. Which one (only one!) would you prefer over the rest? Why?

Fantasic question. One, that I feel, can only be answered in the form of my FICTIONAL (don't freak, Mom) obituary.

Cole Gibsen (1980 - 2010)

Cole Gibsen, of the greater St. Louis area, passed away Sunday, October 3rd, 2010. Her young life was cut short due to the harrowing combination of a runaway ice cream truck, an oil spill, and two dozen dachshunds.

Cole passed away before the 2012 release of her book, KATANA (because, if you knew Cole, you would know that that is just her luck) which she had hoped would bring smiles to all who read it. Because comedy was always a passion of Cole's. In her youth, Cole had dreams about becoming a stand up comedian. Cole quickly abandoned those dreams when she realized she could always come up with the perfect hilarious comeback...twelve hours after the insult had been given.

The memorial service will be held at Journeys Shoes inside the local mall who may go out of business due to the loss of Cole's patronage.

So, what about you? What do you want to be remembered for? Don't forget to check out Abby's post to see how she answered.


  1. Is yours a vote for style? Cool response, Cole!

  2. LOL--very imaginative! You will be remembered, and fondly. ;)-

  3. If you got to go, leave 'em laughing. Great post!

  4. Before you go, I need you to write my obituary.

  5. That poor ice cream truck. No more cherry pops!

    Great one Cole!

  6. Not the dachshunds! No!

    Oh wait. I'm so very sorry at the loss of Cole from our world (despite the fact that she avoided truly answering the question LOL). Since the entry does create a truly vivid image of Cole as a character, perhaps that's her answer.

    This is a cover-up, right? She really died at her writing desk, crafting her next wonderful tome, with a shuriken lodged in the back of her skull from the sneaky evil ninja that was jealous of her mad skills. The traffic accident was staged (with the help of Hollywood special effects dudes) so nobody would know the truth. Yeah, that's it!

  7. I can't wrap my mind around the 2 dozen dachshunds. You can't be dead, I need to know what it all means...

    And that is the sign of a good writer, leave them hanging. (Hugs)Indigo

  8. LOL! I love it. Like you I'm usually sitting around hours later when I come up with the perfect comeback.

  9. You crack me up! This was great! Awesome writing style!

  10. Evil dachsunds, perhaps? Great post.