Sunday, February 13, 2011

My thoughts on the 2011 Grammys...

It's been over forty years and Mick is still pointing his fingers. God bless America!

Because pointing fingers never goes stale!!!
(as seen in the below video)

Oh, and Usher?

Dr. Evil Called, he wants his suit back.


  1. Gaga's shoulder horns freaked me out a little.

  2. LOVE! I was totally thinking about that SNL sketch last night! HAHAHA.

  3. While watching Mick; I actually thought about the producers... I wonder if they have a plan in place just in case he drops right there on stage? It has to be a thought in their head, afterall he's a living creature from a 50's horror movie. My plan: trap door! gets the body out of there quick, and just in case he's not directly over one; than that guitarist that was lurking over his shoulder gives him a little kick into it! It could work!

  4. The best part of all SNL skits is when you can see the players begin to crack up. Mick holds it in pretty well here, but you can tell he wants to bust out.

  5. LOL, the Fallon bit is hilarious. Matthew's right though, Mick kept it together pretty good. Thanks for the laugh, Cole. You're awesome as always!

  6. ha! that was hilarious. husband and I kind of watched his performance with one hand over our eyes. I thought he might snap a hip or something. Though really, for the life he's led he's holding up pretty well :)