Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Becoming Bellatrix (Stage 3)

Stage 3 is my favorite stage because it is the SHOPPING stage!!! Yay!

So look what I just bought on eBay:

Now tell me that's not the perfect Bellatrix wig. I'm a little undecided on how to make the white patch. Right now I'm considering actual spray pain. (Don't worry, I'll snip a piece of hair and try it out before I paint the actual wig.) If that doesn't work maybe I'll try that flaky white temporary spray that they sell around Halloween. I'm not sure how well it will work considering the wig is synthetic. We'll see...

Another must have that I found on the internet is this:

Seriously, how cool is that? A temporary Deatheater tattoo. You can buy a pack of six for around five bucks. Not too shabby.

And since I was goofing off anyway, look what I found for my super secret Dragoncon project:

Okay, obviously after seeing this pic, super secret project isn't so secret anymore. :) Let's just hope I can pull it off!


  1. like i said before ... you're such a rockstar!

  2. LOL, you're so cool. You really ought to get that tatt done for real though. Now that would be awesome ;)

  3. lol total awesomeness :D I cannot WAIT to see the full outfit on you! :D

  4. DON'T use spray paint. It won't work well at all. Go to a beauty supply store and look for the spray in hair color. Wig looks awesome though!

  5. go to a craft store and get the curly doll hair that comes in pieces. Glue in the stand. Do not paint your wig. Bad.