Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Week of Nightmares

Seriously. The last seven days have been nothing but WTF moments. One thing after another after another. My favorite was when I found out the a company's billing department erroneously reported us to the credit bureau. Has that ever happened to anyone else? I hope it never does because we are talking major NIGHTMARE to get fixed. And then the car broke down, and the dog got sick, and the brand new roof started to leak...Yeeeeeaaaaaah.

And did I tell you guys I started taking harmonica lessons? I know. Silly, right? (*in Jerry Springer voice* Don't judge--you don't know me.) But seriously SO MUCH FUN. I look forward to my lessons all week. And my teacher's name is Fred "JellyJaw" Johnson. (I just love that.) And not only are the harmonica lessons, fun, but last week, during my lesson, his neighbor (who JellyJaw says is a drug dealer) got busted by the cops and we got to watch the whole thing including the car repo. Sweet.

Anywho, tomorrow's another day, right?

Oh, and the blog chain starts back up tomorrow. Whoo hoo!

And lastly, if you're new to my blog, here's some things you should know:

1. Even though we're in a recession, I'm very liberal with commas. Commas for all!
2. I love exclaimation points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3. I'm dyslexic so sometimes the words aren't always "prettyfied" but I'm pretty good about correcting things when *if* I spot them.
4. I like to make up words. See above.
5. My favorite word is "seriously." SRSLY
5. Right now, the Fresh Prince of BelAire theme song is stuck in my head. Gah.

Yo Holmes, smell ya later!

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