Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Blog Chain: A Rose By Any Other Name...

The round on the blog chain was started by the lovely Kate Karyus Quinn. She asks:

What's in a name? What if Harry Potter had been Larry Snotter? What if Edward was Jacob and Jacob was Edward? What favorite books had character names that you loved or hated? And how do you come up with your own character names?

Hmm, what would Shakespeare say? A rose by any other name would smell as sweet?
I don't know. I know some writers take a lot of time coming up with the perfect name for their characters. Personally, sometimes when I'm stuck, I'll just hit the button on the 'ol name generator. For me, I spent a lot more time working on character traits and background than I do on names. I'd like to think that if I've don't my job as a writer, you're going to relate to and care about my characters no matter what I call them.  
The only time I have difficulties with a character's name is if it's a name I have no idea how to pronounce. Case in point; Hermoine Granger. Before the movies, I hadn't a clue how her name was suposed to be pronounced. It drove me up a wall everytime I read it because it would halt my reading as I tried to come up with a pronounciation. Eventually I gave up and started calling her "Harmony" in my head--at least until the movies came out. Even after the movies, when Hermoine introduces herself I was like, "Seriously? THAT'S how you pronounce it?" Turns out I was nowhere close.
I'll just stick with Harmony.
To see more answers on this topic, check out Alyson Greene's blog. She posted her answer here. And tomorrow, be sure to check Amparo Ortiz's blog (speaking of names, isn't that gorgeous?) tomorrow for her post.
  So now you tell me what you think. What's in a name? And do you think it even matters?


  1. HARMONY FOR THE WIN. I think I'll start calling her this, too. Just for kicks.

    And name generators save lives, I tell you. I haven't used one in forever, but they come in handy when you least expect them to.

    Awesome post, Cole! And thanks for liking my name! I don't. :)

  2. Yeah, Hermione definitely stumped me too.

    I have used name generators too. Mostly I need them for last names. I have the hardest time coming up with those.

  3. LOL I called her Herm-ee-own-ee. I think I even looked up the pronunciation but still couldn't get it right until I heard someone else say it. I like using the name generator to come up with place names. I have the hardest time naming places.