Friday, October 8, 2010

New Blog Chain Post: The Silver Lining Behind the Shame

Today's blog chain topic is brought to you by the lovely Laura Diamond (side note: I'm jealous of anyone who has a name that sounds like they could be a super hero) who asks:

Regarding your writing career, what’s the best mistake you’ve ever made and why?

I think my answer is that I flipped over my cards and luckily it paid off.

When I started this blog back in '08 my goal was to keep it strictly about writing. I'd read too many warnings about posting about your personal life and how it can turn readers off. And growing up the way I did, well, some things are just best kept to yourself.

But then, for whatever reason, I took a chance and wrote a post that gave people the first real glimpse into my life: Life Lessons I Learned from my Stripper Roommate While the post didn't get a lot of comments, I got a lot of emails. Despite the humorous content people could relate to my struggle growing up.


So I opened up a little more, told people about the step-dad and having all of my stuff burned on the lawn. As I waited for my followers to drop, interestingly enough I gained more. What I discovered is, I didn't have to be embarrassed of my past - I could embrace it and inspire at the same time.

And now, it's time for a true confession. It turns out my roommate wasn't the only stripper. I stripped once, just once, and the pic is posted below. WARNING: May be too sexy for some.

*snort* What did you think I meant?

(side note: Taking another look at this pic I think I kinda look like Cobra Commander which is pretty badass.)

Please check out the always amazing Abby's blog to see her answer and check back tomorrow for stellar Shannon's. (I know, stellar is lame I just couldn't come up with anything on the fly. But Shannon's not lame. Read her post!)


  1. Cole, you're the best stripper ever! LOL. It is nice once in a while to see the person behind the Cobra Commander mask. You are awesome Cole!

  2. I thought at first by "flipping over your cards" you meant you'd reorganized your writing outline or something like that. But I'm glad to see that opening up was useful for you.

  3. Oooh, interesting response!!! I love it when unexpected things happen. Well, if they're positive, that is.

  4. I think you've created a new character under that mask and those goggles. LOL

  5. And yet you still haven't shared all the juicy details about living with a stripper LOL.

    Just kidding, oh ninja-garbed one.

    This is a cool response, and I for one am glad you include so much of yourself as well as your writing.

  6. Cole, you're so funny! It's brave of you to share your past. Great post!

  7. ha! you always crack me up, you awesome stripper you! :D great post as always :)

  8. So your old roommate was a professional floorer? Is that a word?

  9. Adding in some personal details, I think, can be helpful because it humanizes the person behind the words. It gives people a chance to meet the Cole who happens to be one of the coolest people I know. I think it's awesome that you took what were some dark moments in your life and used them to point out to people that you don't have to be defined by the bad things that happen to you. And I'm sure opening up like that is tough. Kudos to you!

  10. hahaha! (I was a stripper once, too: a film stripper in a printing shop! Though it was great to call my mom and tell her about my new job!)

    but seriously, I found the same thing about my blog as well. the more I tell that is real, that is ME, the more people respond. writing about writing is part of me, but so are the other parts. Glad to find your blog! :)